Cutlery Design now on display at the Sackler Centre, V&A, London. 

'A Little Bit of Both' by Joanna Hemsley

....Apple pie or crème brûlée?
...Tiramisu or lemon meringue pie?
...Chocolate cake or strawberry cheesecake?

'A Little Bit of Both' celebrates indecisiveness.
Have both your cakes and eat them!

Whether you’re sharing desserts with a friend or
having them all to yourself you can eat two
different desserts at the same time without
spoiling the unique favours of each.

Don’t choose.

Just have 'A Little Bit of Both'
Quick preview of my spoon before it was sent off to William Welch.

A double sided spoon that allows you to eat two desserts at the same time! 


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